How Celebrities Protect Their Online Reputation

reputation_damageNothing can be so heartbreaking and gives endless headaches to celebrities than negative publicity and tainted public image that damages their reputation. A bad reputation has the consequence of making stars lose confidence, self-esteem and have far-reaching implications on their career. In this digital era, the rate at which information spreads in various online sources and social media is extremely rapid. Online reputation management therefore, becomes indispensable to celebrities to protect their image. Online reputation is an art; it involves monitoring how you are viewed online and what information about you is available in the search engines.

Many factors shape celebrity online reputation. The content they post on social media, for instance, is viewed and read by many. Also, discussions they hold with other parties and reviews posted on the website by others can profoundly build or destroy celebrity reputation. To ensure they protect and manage their online reputation. Therefore, celebrities engage the services of experienced reputation management and PR firms. These companies not only monitor what is being said about their clients but also shape their client’s image online.

When celebrities realize false, misleading or embarrassing information about them on the internet, they through their reputation management firms apply various techniques to counteract and conceal the damaging content. Some of the techniques include:

  • Responding to negative information: when celebrities note negative information is being said about them on social networks, forums, and other online sources, they are advised to respond directly. Responding directly is always viewed as the best strategy to put things straight. This is believed by PR firms to turn a negative view into a positive review.
  • Carefully monitoring online search results about the celebrity: by closely following available information online about them, the reputation management firm can be able to act quickly whenever potentially damaging information is posted. The common way is to set a Google alert to monitor the client’s online presence.
  • Privacy: confidentiality of celebrity’s sensitive information is a powerful weapon in protecting their reputation. However, in the case of such information being leaked, reputation and PR firms will always swiftly act and get such information offline or suppressed. Also, the experts examine and remove negative information, comments, spam and other malicious content.
  • Building greater online presence and optimizing websites: the PR and reputation managers help celebrities build a strong online presence by increasing traffic to their sites. Additionally, they optimize websites and social media accounts and take control of search results and ensure optimized presence in the search results.