How Reputation Management has Changed in the Last Decade


Traditionally, reputations are earned gradually; it took people almost a lifetime and many interactions to make a good reputation, and word of mouth spread it. However, in the past one decade reputation and reputation management has rapidly changed and taken a new twist. Search engines like Google and social media have changed the way people want their image to be viewed in public. People have resorted to creative and digital ways to build and defend their image.

In this digital generation, family, friends, employers and customers can find wild information about you that has the consequence of damaging your reputation. Consequently, they will change their perception about you. Therefore, people have fully embraced online presence as a way of protecting their image and reputation. Online reputation management, however, is a delicate issue. It has come a long way to a complex of networks where if someone posted something negative about you, it would be viewed by millions of people in the whole world. Such postings can attract damaging comments which destroy your reputation.

With a broad network of social networks having millions of users and numerous websites, some anonymous person can post outrageous accusations and allegations about you. Therefore, it becomes difficult for you to do a cleanup and restore your image and reputation. With that in mind, Online Reputation Management (ORM) was designed to help people protect and enhance their online reputation. Also, ORM has changed the way search engine like Google and Bing view your search results online and how they use social media networks.